Steps to become a business owner

6 Easy Steps to Owning a Chicky Chick Fried Chicken Franchise

Well known that Starting a business owner is never easy. because there is a difficult management and administration process But if you are interested in the Chikky Chick fried chicken franchise. you are on the right track Because investing with us is easy, worthwhile, and payback quickly. Let’s see how there are steps.

first step

Study information in doing business Both in terms of management, management, or even the matter of investment. The fried chicken franchise Chicky Chic can read information at https://franchise.chicky-chic.com/

Second step

If you want to do business, you need to look for a good location. Because a good location will help generate returns quickly. and worth more So what can be seen from a good location?

  1. Choose a location that is a crowded community. Especially the main target groups of that area, such as schools or offices, etc.
  2. Ask for space for rent, including rent, water bill, electricity bill, area size and other conditions. for calculating the payback point

Third step

Send various information to us, including pictures of the area, information and location coordinates. and contact us for a consultation. And more information at Line: @chickychic.th which we have consulting services and advice from a team that specializes in doing business for a long time ready to give advice Set the right franchise, selling price and calculate the payback rate.

Fourth step

The team will assess the location. that is appropriate And the period of return to the customer within 1-3 days and tell the amount to be paid.

Fifth step

After payment within 7 days, an appointment will be made to install the selected franchise set. and product frying training employee trending talking to customers And most importantly, it also introduces each product to its taste. frying time and many other techniques

Sixth step

Open the shop and ready to serve deliciousness. And we will promote it on Facebook: Chickychic.th too.