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Brand Story

Founded in 2006, Chicky Chic was first established under the umbrella of a fully integrated poultry processor, which is qualified to export globally to several countries such as UK, Japan, and Singapore. With expertise in product development, Chicky Chic has been known for its deliciousness and top-notch product quality for over 14 years.

In 2018, the brand has been refreshed in order to reach a wider target group. Presence both in online and offline channels have been developed to directly communicate with consumers, and to become the top of mind when it comes to delicious food.

Chicky Chic now has more than 220 branches nationwide, and another 11 branches in Laos. We have a strong presence in schools, malls, canteens, and gas stations – counter bar and restaurant models are also available.

We are taking initiatives to expand and provide even more flexible investment options for potential franchisees – with the same products quality that has been trusted over the years. We aim to create an opportunity for people who want to become business owners through this well-planned model– make sure that the door of sustainable growth and income is open for everyone.

Brand Vision

Our goal is to become the top of mind when it comes to business that promote sustainable income, with quick and satisfying return – while supplying food with great taste and exceptional quality for everyone.

Helping franchisees grow sustainably is our key. That’s why we never stop develop new products, with high quality standard for our family and consumers.

We aim to have 450 branches in 2020 and expand to CLMV by 2022. Despite of the plan to grow, we still priortize in developing quality products and walking side by side with our franchisees

Brand Promise

Every single bite you take, it’s 100% chicken meat – nothing else is added to cut the cost. In our best effort, all menu comes with great taste and unbeatable quality as our most important promise.

Quality Standard

Franchise standard is one of the most essential factors to earn trust from both franchisees and consumers. We work hard to make sure that our 220 branches nationwide operate and deliver food with great taste and quality as promise. Throughout supply chain, we focus on quality and it has to always yield at the top. All branches – Same quality standard.

Process – 100% traceable production process. We start with high quality ingredient, working with team of experts, and reliable manufacturing partner which are GMP and HACCP certified.

Product – Export quality. Our contract factory is eligible to export to several countries such as Japan and the UK.

Service – Pass on brand culture of delivering great service from franchisees to consumers.

People – We’re strongly driven to build sustainable business opportunity for our franchisees. We’ll walk you through the first step and will continue support you throughout your journey with Chicky Chic.

Brand Position

Chicky Chic is everybody’s favorite, loved by all ages. We offer different appetizing menu both snacks and meals, with great quality but affordable price.

Superior quality, great taste, reasonable price.

Transparent and traceable process – from manufacturer and all the way to your kitchen.

Wide selections of menus and flavors, loved by all ages

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